Support for 'Out of Africa' hypothesis

Reuters: Skulls confirm we're all out of Africa

An analysis of thousands of skulls shows modern humans originated from a single point in Africa and finally lays to rest the idea of multiple origins, British scientists said on Wednesday.

Don't see it myself. I can't believe that a single study—no matter how compelling—is going to make the sceptics accept the Out of Africa hypothesis. Some very capable scientists will continue to promote alternative hypotheses. They might be right, although I suspect not: the Out of Africa hypothesis makes perfect sense to me, whereas the multiple origins hypotheses don't. But, as long as Out of Africa deniers' arguments are backed up by any sort of plausible evidence, they should be given airtime. That's good science, as far as I'm concerned.

Human evolution is a fascinating subject. We need to leave room for alternative hypotheses—even if they are, in all likelihood, wrong.

Richard Carter, FCD

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