Carter's Jackdaw-Resistant Bird Feeder™

Carter's Jackdaw-Resistant Bird Feeder
Pat. not yet pending.

I've decided to do something about the jackdaws stealing all the nuts from my bird feeder. Jen won't let me have a gun, as she suspects (correctly) that I would use it to shoot cats. So, this afternoon, I invented Carter's Jackdaw-Resistant Bird Feeder™.

I say jackdaw-resistant because them crows are damn devious. I'm sure their cunning bird brains will eventually overcome the challenge. In the meantime, the tits* should be able to feed untroubled.

Oh, and it's a hell of a lot easier to fill than the traditional bird feeders.

That's nuts and tits in the same post. Should help the ratings.

* Note for American readers: For tits read chickadees throughout.

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