Monthly Archives: November 2008

Harry the ex-faith Baptist

Photograph of a disillusioned former Baptist, taken in Australia, 2000.


Those awfully nice chaps over at the Beagle Project have assimilated me into their Beagle blogging collective.

Setting the record straight

About the Darwin tenner.

£10 MILLION!! That's two Beagles' worth!

The National Heritage Memorial Fund is wasting money on old paintings again.

Erm... I think not

Minor howler on Darwinian fridge magnet shock!

Reflections on the Darwin exhibition

Now that I've returned home and a couple of days have passed, I think it only right and proper that I give a well-considered summary of the Natural History Museum's Darwin exhibition.

Photos from the London trip

Photos from a fantastic day out in London yesterday

Live-blogging in London

All day today, I'll be live-blogging my trip to London.

The great Darwinian live-blogging experiment

Starts tomorrow.

From the sublime to the satanic

Belated congratulations to Michael Barton over at the Dispersal of Darwin for the publication of his article 'Between Heaven and Hell: Religious Language in Early Descriptions of Yellowstone'.