Set you videos (part deux)

BBC2, 21:00 tomorrow night (3rd June):

The Supersizers Go... Victorian

Restaurant critic Giles Coren and writer and performer Sue Perkins spend the week on the diet of a wealthy Victorian couple. Cooking for them at home is best selling cookery writer Sophie Grigson. As Giles dons top hat and waxed moustache, Sue dresses up in tight corset and outrageously wide skirts.

During the week, they visit the Natural History Museum to try the food of Charles Darwin's Glutton Club, a tea where they try and raise the spirits of the dead and find out what Oliver Twist and the poor really ate. The week culminates with a traditional Victorian Christmas complete with a giant pie as enjoyed by Queen Victoria herself. Despite joining the Victorian Temperance society Sue has knocked back a huge amount of alcohol during the week. So after seven days of Victorian dining, what's the doctor's verdict on Sue's health?

I have steadfastly avoided this series so far—it looks rubbish—but I suppose I'm going to have to watch it now.

I wonder if they'll eat a putrid owl (as Darwin did).

Richard Carter, FCD

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