HMS Rattlesnake Figurehead

HMS Rattlesnake Figurehead
HMS Rattlesnake Figurehead (cc Kaptain Kobold)

Almost by accident, I just came across this photograph on Flickr of the figurehead of HMS Rattlesnake, the ship on which Darwin's Bulldog, Thomas Henry Huxley, voyaged as assistant surgeon from 1846–50.

Rattlesnake was to Huxley what HMS Beagle was to Darwin. It's fantastic that her figurehead still exists.

Finally I have a reason to visit Farnborough!

More photos here.

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  1. Sadly the figurehead is in a corridor in a secure building (The offices of QinetiQ), so it's not easy to visit. I was lucky to get this picture - they had a staff fun day and suspended their 'No Cameras In The Building' rule.

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