Transcribing Tyndall

John Tyndall
John Tyndall (1820–1893).

Michael Barton, FCD, over at The Dispersal of Darwin points out that today is the anniversary of the birth of the Victorian physicist John Tyndall.

I confess that I didn't know much about Tyndall until I read up on him on Wikipedia just now (see previous link). He sounds like an interesting chap: a member of the X Club, successor to Faraday at the Royal Institution, pioneer mountaineer (hey, that rhymes!), accidentally killed by his own wife.

Michael is just about to start work with The John Tyndall Correspondence Project, transcribing some of Tyndall's letters. He has tentatively set up a new blog, Transcribing Tyndall, where he hopes to share items he comes across about Tyndall's life and work. It should make very interesting reading.

I'm a big fan of blogs dedicated to very narrow subject areas—even if they are updated infrequently (that's what RSS feeds are for). Other specialist/restricted subject blogs I enjoy include:

Richard Carter, FCD

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