The great Darwinian live-blogging experiment

Tomorrow (Friday), I'm off to see some old friends whom I've never met before: Peter McGrath and Karen 'I used to be called Nunatak' James from the Beagle Project. Peter and Karen need no introduction.

Karen works at the Natural History Museum in London and has managed to get us tickets to the opening bash at the new Darwin bicentennial exhibition. For a total Darwin groupie like me, this is about as cool as things can possibly get, so I've decided to try an experiment in so-called live-blogging.

I warn you now that the technology is untried and untested, and will rely on my sending updates via my mobile phone and/or minuscule Nokia N810 handheld computer. There's plenty that could go wrong as this is fairly cutting-edge 'Web 2.0' stuff, but, what the hell, let's given it a go! With any luck, Peter and/or Karen might also provide occasional updates.

If all goes to plan, the updates should start tomorrow morning (UK time) and continue into the late evening, possibly resuming Saturday morning. I have more than a sneaking suspicion that beer will also be involved at some point in the proceedings.

So tune in her throughout the day tomorrow to see if any of this nonsense actually works.

Richard Carter, FCD

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