Harry the ex-faith Baptist

I tend to avoid god-botherer baiting on this website. Life's too short, and all that. But I was just looking through some old photos, and came across this shot which I hope even the most devoutly deluded of religious fundamentalists will find amusing:

Harry the ex-faith Baptist
Harry the ex-faith Baptist, Sydney, Australia, 2000.

Harry was a former Baptist who felt very disillusioned that Jesus had not returned as foretold in January that year. As soon as I saw him, I knew I had to photograph him. So, for the first (and, so far, only) time in my life, I went up to a complete stranger and asked to take their photograph.

As he posed for the shot, Harry explained how the non-second-coming of Jesus at the turn of the millennium had quite destroyed his faith. He was now preaching the word of Newton and Einstein—two blokes who knew what they were talking about.

"What about Darwin?" I asked.

"Him too!" said Harry.

(I didn't point out that, to be pedantic, the new millennium wasn't actually due to start until January 2001.)

Postscript: Is it just my imagination, or does Harry bear an uncanny resemblance to PZ Myers, FCD? We have a right to know.

Richard Carter, FCD

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