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Digital Chosunilbo: What If Darwin Invested in Stocks?

If Charles Darwin was born again and invested in stocks, which shares would he have favored?

A new study speculates that based on his Theory of Evolution, which points out that only organisms that endlessly strive to change have a chance of survival, perhaps Darwin would have invested in companies that persistently seek new growth engines.

Titled "What if Darwin Invests in Stocks," issued by Woori Investment and Securities on Monday, a principle like natural selection is at work in the stock market as well. This principle can be called "market selection."


I really dislike stuff like this: Darwin being used as a metaphor for stuff that has nothing to do with the natural world.

But the writer of the article might be interested to learn that Darwin did invest in stocks—including those of companies which literally sought 'new growth engines': Charles Darwin invested in the new-fangled railways.

Richard Carter, FCD

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