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Guardian: Half of Britons reject evolution, survey finds

Half of British adults do not believe in evolution, with at least 22% preferring the theories of creationism or intelligent design to explain how the world came about, according to a survey.

Very depressing in the land that gave the world Charles Darwin. It speaks volumes about our education system and, as far as I'm concerned, the general dumbing-down of science in the media. It's a good job that scientific truth isn't subject to the popular vote.

Looking on the bright side (no pun intended), however, perhaps the Guardian's headline could have had a slightly more positive spin:

78% of Britons reject creationism, survey finds

It's still a depressingly small number, but it should at least knock some of the wind out of creationists' sails.

Richard Carter, FCD

Writer and photographer Richard Carter, FCD is the founder of the Friends of Charles Darwin. He lives in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.WebsiteNewsletterMastodonetc…

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