Bioturbation part deux

A load of soil this afternoon.

*Sigh* A mole has literally set up digs in our front lawn. We don't usually get troubled by them in the summertime. The first hill appeared earlier this week and, five days later, we had a whole range of them. Bioturbation, it's called.

I just spent an hour removing the molehills. There was enough soil in them to fill a rather large wheelbarrow. Not bad going for five days' work. Moles are industrious little gits.

I dropped mothballs down the holes I uncovered. That usually sorts out the problem. Moles don't seem to like the smell of camphor.

Postscript: Ga! Half an hour later, and there are two new molehills in the garden. I actually saw the mole's nose pushing out the soil. Of course, you realise this means war.

Richard Carter, FCD

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