Announcing my new website—and some information about my book

Those of you who follow me on the @friendsofdarwin Twitter feed might have spotted one or two coy references to a book I've been writing. I thought it was about time I tried to overcome my innate British sense of reserve, came out of the closet, and told the world a bit more about it.

You will be astonished to hear that my book is not about Charles Darwin—although he does make frequent appearances throughout its chapters. The book is about natural history, science, and the history of science, and about how an appreciation of these subjects can enhance your enjoyment of an everyday walk in the great outdoors.

As I intend to carry on writing in this and similar veins, I have created a new website where I can write about my passions for reading, writing and photography. As luck would have it, the ideal vanity URL was available.

With apologies for the shameless plug, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the eponymous

There's not much content on the new site at the moment, but I shall be adding more over the coming months, particularly on my new blog. I shall, of course, also continue to write here, on the Friends of Charles Darwin blog.

The new site also contains some more information about my book, On the Moor: Excursions into Science, History and Natural History.

If you're interested in receiving occasional updates about my book and other writing, you might like to sign up to my newsletter.

(Shameless plug ends.)

Richard Carter, FCD

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