About the Bank Note Campaign

Please note: The campaign to have Charles Darwin celebrated on a Bank of England bank note is now closed (for the very good reason that we got exactly what we wanted). The following page has been retained for historical interest, and to avoid the curse of missing links (pun intended). All verbs should, therefore, now be read in the past tense.

  • A Brief (Pre)History
    The story of how the campaign to get Charles Darwin recognised on a British bank note first came about.
  • The Founders of the Campaign
    Details of the two gentlemen who came up with the idea of the campaign.
  • The Campaign Proper
    The specifics of the campaign, explaining why Darwin should be celebrated on a British bank note, and explaining the Bank of England's official reasoning for not having so celebrated him already.
  • Correspondence
    Copies of various correspondence sent and received during the campaign.