The Hundredth Monkey

Carolyn Farthing

C. Farthing, FCD
(1965-    )

Meet Carolyn, the 100th member of the Friends of Charles Darwin. Carolyn and I go back a long way, so I promised her the highly desirable 100th position, once it finally became available. [Not that Carolyn expressed any particular desire to acquire 100th position, you understand—but, it's a great opportunity to embarrass her.]

If there's anything at all in Rupert Sheldrake's theory of Morphic Resonance (which there isn't), and in Lyall Watson's closely associated Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon (ditto), we should now have reached a critical mass, whereby pretty much every single member of the species homo sapiens, through the agencies of mysterious, invisible morphic fields, magically acquires membership of the Friends of Charles Darwin.

Hmm… we'll see.

Here's to the next hundred!

This article was published on 30th October, 2001.

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