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Writer and photographer Richard Carter, FCD is the founder of the Friends of Charles Darwin. He lives in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. WebsiteFacebookTwitterNewsletter

Cosmological conversation with my dad

How far away is the sun?

End of an era

This morning, I went to the cash point for some money, only to be presented with a wad of brand new £10 notes featuring Jane Austen instead of Charles Darwin.

Book review: ‘The Panda’s Thumb’ by Stephen Jay Gould

More Reflections in Natural History.

Book review: ‘Ever Since Darwin’ by Stephen Jay Gould

Reflections in Natural History.

Book review: ‘Humanism’ by Stephen Law

A very short introduction.

Book review: ‘Improbable Destinies’ by Jonathan Losos

How predictable is evolution?

Now we are 4,000

The Friends of Charles Darwin have their 4,000th member.

Book review: ‘Built on Bones’ by Brenna Hassett

15,000 years of urban life and death.

The Darwin bicentennial oak, 8 years on

Eight years ago today, I planted the Darwin Bicentennial Oak in my garden.

The name's Darwin: Charles Darwin

KILLER FACT: Charles Darwin once featured in a James Bond film.