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Writer and photographer Richard Carter, FCD is the founder of the Friends of Charles Darwin. He lives in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.WebsiteFacebookTwitterNewsletterBooks

Book review: ‘The Ascent of John Tyndall’ by Roland Jackson

A long-overdue biography of the Victorian scientist, mountaineer, and public intellectual.

Book reviews: ‘Charles Darwin: Voyaging’ • ‘Charles Darwin: The Power of Place’

A magnificent two-volume biography.

Book review: ‘Charles Darwin: Vol.2: The Power of Place’ by Janet Browne

Part 2 of an entertaining two-part biography of Charles Darwin.

Book review: ‘Charles Darwin: Vol.1: Voyaging’ by Janet Browne

Part 1 of an entertaining two-part biography of Charles Darwin.

24 not out… So, what next?

Today (2nd March 2018) marks the Friends of Charles Darwin's 24th birthday… Time, perhaps for something of a relaunch!

The end of the Darwin tenner

The Charles Darwin £10 note will cease to be legal tender at 23:59 GMT on 1st March 2018. Time to reflect… and to announce our new newsletter.

The ghost of John Tyndall solves a mystery (probably)

How a Twitter conversation with the ghost of John Tyndall (friend of Charles Darwin), helped identify the likely source of a morbid inscription in one of his books.

The Darwin bicentennial oak, 9 years on

Nine years ago today, I planted the Darwin Bicentennial Oak in my garden. See how it‘s doing…

Book review: ‘The Flamingo’s Smile’ by Stephen Jay Gould

Reflections in natural history.

Book launch: ‘On the Moor: Science, History and Nature on a Country Walk’

158 years ago today saw the publication of Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species. Darwin was staying on the edge of Ilkley Moor at the time, just 13 miles as the curlew flies from where I type these words. What better excuse could I possibly need for choosing today to launch my own medium…