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Writer and photographer Richard Carter, FCD is the founder of the Friends of Charles Darwin. He lives in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.WebsiteFacebookTwitterNewsletterBooks

Book review: ‘Improbable Destinies’ by Jonathan Losos

How predictable is evolution?

Now we are 4,000

The Friends of Charles Darwin have their 4,000th member.

Book review: ‘Built on Bones’ by Brenna Hassett

15,000 years of urban life and death.

The Darwin bicentennial oak, 8 years on

Eight years ago today, I planted the Darwin Bicentennial Oak in my garden.

The name's Darwin: Charles Darwin

KILLER FACT: Charles Darwin once featured in a James Bond film.

If humans evolved from monkeys, how come there are still monkeys?

This is a question frequently posed by creationists—and quite often by perfectly rational people…

Three new book reviews

I've just posted three new book reviews in the Books section.

Book review: ‘The Enlightenment’ by John Robertson

A very short introduction.

Book review: ‘The History of Life’ by Michael J Benton

A very short introduction.

Book review: ‘The Ice Age’ by Jamie Woodward

A very short introduction.