The great Darwin fossil hunt

In which a friend beyond measure arranges a behind-the-scenes visit to the Natural History Museum to see fossils collected by Charles Darwin during the Beagle voyage.

Hello, Senegal!

The Friends of Charles Darwin have their first member from Senegal.

Hello, Iraq!

The Friends of Charles Darwin have their first member from Iraq.

We receive feedback

The latest creationist comment amused me so much that I thought I would give it a blog post all of its own.

Three old maps

Photographs of three wonderful seventeenth-century maps in the Doge's Palace museum, Venice.

Metaphorical sight-seeing

In which I visit the spandrels of San Marco in Venice.

20-Feb-1835: Darwin witnesses an earthquake

On 20th February, 1835, Charles Darwin was lying down in a wood having a rest in Valvidia, Southern Chile, when he experienced a major earthquake.

The Uncle of Photography

As historians of science are forever reminding us (although nobody listens to those killjoys), we enter dangerous territory when we start to discuss the ‘first’ person to do X, the ‘lone genius’ who invented Y, or the ‘Father of’ Great Idea Z.

The Darwin bicentennial oak, 6 years on

Six years ago today, I planted the Darwin Bicentennial Oak in my garden.

Charles Darwin on the family tree of languages

In ‘On the Origin of Species’, Darwin hypothesises that the family tree of languages must closely reflect the family tree of the different races of mankind that speak them.