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Darwin's Mentor
by SM Walters & EA Stow
The biography of Darwin's friend and teacher, John Stevens Henslow.

The Dinosaur Hunters
by Deborah Cadbury
The Victorian search for dinosaurs.

Bully for Brontosaurus
by Stephen Jay Gould
My favourite book!

The Mismeasure of Man
by Stephen Jay Gould
Why intelligence testing is stupid.

The Structure of Evolutionary Theory
by Stephen Jay Gould
The late, lamented maestro's magnum opus.

Darwin: Discovering the Tree of Live
by Niles Eldredge
A fascinating analysis of the development of Darwin's thinking.

Darwin's Sacred Cause
by Adrian Desmond & James Moore
How Charles Darwin's abhorrence of slavery influenced his science.

Fossils, Finches and Fuegians
by Richard Keynes
A detailed account of Darwin's Beagle voyage.

The Ancestor's Tale
by Richard Dawkins
Dawkins's lavishly illustrated magnum opus.

The Greatest Show on Earth
by Richard Dawkins
Dawkins returns to what he's best at.

The Devil's Chaplain
by Richard Dawkins
Dawkins demonstrating that he can write wonderfully sensitively, as well as rant.

The Happy Atheist
by PZ Myers
Relentlessly unsubtle wholesome entertainment.

The Making of the Fittest
by Sean B Carroll
DNA and the ultimate forensic record of evolution.

Charles Darwin
by Cyril Aydon
A short, very readable biography of Charles Darwin.

Darwin in Cambridge
by John van Wyhe
A useful booklet about Darwin's Cambridge connections.

Darwin in Scotland
by JF Derry, FCD
Darwin's influences and influencees north of the border.

Of Moths & Men
by Judith Hooper
The story of how some of Bernard Kettlewell's famous peppered moth experiments contained certain flaws.

The Hedgehog, the Fox, and the Magister's Pox
by Stephen Jay Gould
Gould's last science book. It goes on a bit, but the chapter criticising Edward O Wilson's misappropriation of the term Consilience is Gould at his best.

Alfred Russel Wallace: a Life
by Peter Raby
A very readable biography about the co-discoverer of Natural Selection—the man who nearly scooped Darwin.

Charles Darwin, Vol.1: Voyaging
by Janet Browne
Part 1 of an entertaining two-part biography of Charles Darwin.

Darwin's Origin of Species: a biography
by Janet Browne
A short biography of one of the most revolutionary books ever written.

Last Chance to See…
by Douglas Adams & Mark Carwardine
The late Douglas Adams travels the world visiting endangered species.

Charles Darwin's Beagle Diary
by R D Keynes
A complete transcript of Darwin's Beagle Journal.

The Voyage of the Beagle
by Charles Darwin
Darwin's first masterpiece.

The Correspondence of Charles Darwin, volume 7: 1858–1859
by Charles Darwin and his correspondents
Darwin's correspondence leading up to the publication of On the Origin of Species.

Evolution's Captain
by Peter Nichols
Biography of the captain of HMS Beagle.

The Rough Guide to Evolution
by Mark Pallen
A handy guide to all things evolutionary.

Darwin's Pigeons
by Richard Bailey
A sumptuous photobook of pigeon varieties.

by Carl Zimmer
An excellent introduction to evolution.

Darwin and the Barnacle
by Rebecca Stott
Charles Darwin's eight-year barnacle odyssey.

The Lunar Men
by Jenny Uglow
A collective biography of a remarkable group of friends.

The Age of Wonder
by Richard Holmes
Science between the Banks and Darwin voyages.

Charles Darwin, Geologist
by Sandra Herbert
What Charles Darwin did for geology.

Darwin's Apprentice
by Janet Owen
An archaeological biography of John Lubbock.

Darwin Slept Here
by Eric Simons
Young travel writer follows in the footsteps of Darwin.

Darwin's Mysterious Illness
by Robert Youngson
13-page booklet examining the possible causes for Darwin's illness.

The Great Naturalists
by Robert Huxley (ed.)
A whistle-stop tour of the history of natural history.

The Invention of Science
by David Wootton
A new history of the Scientific Revolution.

The Invention of Nature
by Andrea Wulf
The adventures of Alexander von Humboldt, the lost hero of science.

Gilbert White
by Richard Mabey
A biography of the author of The Natural History of Selborne.

Nature Cure
by Richard Mabey
Nature writer recovers from depression by reconnecting with nature.

Fencing Paradise
by Richard Mabey
A series of essays about man's relationship with plants.

by Richard Mabey
Non-sentimental nature writing at its best.

A Brush With Nature
by Richard Mabey
The best of Mabey's BBC Wildlife magazine pieces.

The Unofficial Countryside
by Richard Mabey
How nature can sometimes thrive in man-made environments.

by Richard Mabey
British nature writer wants to cut nature's vagabonds some slack.

The Perfumier and the Stinkhorn
by Richard Mabey
Short but enjoyable book, based on a series of radio programmes.

The Single Helix
by Steve Jones
Short science essays from the famous geneticist and snail man.

by Steve Jones
Expositions on assorted scientific subject, using coral as the unifying theme.

Darwin's Island
by Steve Jones
A modern-day updating of Darwin's less well-known books.

Monster of God
by David Quammen
David Quammen travels the world, visiting the habitats of four man-eaters.

The Song of the Dodo
by David Quammen
David Quammen travels the world, visiting endangered species.

The Reluctant Mr Darwin
by David Quammen
Handy analysis of Darwin's procrastination over publishing Origin of Species.

The Flight of the Iguana
by David Quammen
Science, journalistic and autobiographical essays.

Darwin & His Children
by Tim M. Berra
His other legacy.

Crow Country
by Mark Cocker
A naturalist's pursuit of rooks and jackdaws.

The Running Sky
by Tim Dee
A perfect blend of science and poetry.

HMS Beagle: The ship that changed the course of history
by Keith S Thomson
A biography of one of the most important ships in history.

HMS Beagle: Survey Ship Extraordinary
by Karl Heinz Marquardt
Meticulously detailed ship's plans of HMS Beagle, for anyone thinking of making a model or replica.

Parasite Rex
by Carl Zimmer
The weird and wonderful ways in which parasites make a living.

Dry Store Room No.1
by Richard Fortey
The personalities and politics behinds the scenes at the Natural History Museum.

The Evolutionists
by J David Hoeveler
How Darwinian thinking influenced other disciplines in the USA.

The Eye
by Simon Ings
How animals see and how they perceive.

Your Inner Fish
by Neil Shubin
How our evolutionary history is written into our bodies.

Granta 102: The New Nature Writing
by Jason Cowley (ed.)
More environments than nature writing, really—but still great stuff.

Darwin's Garden
by Michael Boulter
The first book with the word Darwin on the spine that I ever gave up on.

The Curious Mind of Young Darwin
by Sarah Bellis, Caroline Cook & Jenni Taylor
A Darwin-themed activity book for children, reviewed by Eleanor Armitage, age 6½.

What Mr Darwin Saw
by Mick Manning & Brita Granström
'What Charles Darwin saw on his massive, amazing journey!' Reviewed by Eleanor Armitage, age 7.

by Roger Deakin
A celebration of all things arboreal.

Notes From Walnut Tree Farm
by Roger Deakin
The jottings of a great observer of nature's minutiae.

by Roger Deakin
A celebration of all things natatorial.

by Philip Hoare
A wonderful history of man's relationship with the whale.

At the Water's Edge
by John Lister-Kaye
Famous nature writer's observations from his daily circular walk.

Nature's Child
by John Lister-Kaye
Delightful book about encouraging a young daughter's love of nature.

The Peregrine, the Hill of Summer & Diaries
by J.A. Baker
British nature writer wants to cut nature's vagabonds some slack.

Letters From Skokholm
by R.M. Lockley
Wartime letters to a close friend about the wildlife on a Welsh island.

A Year in the Woods
by Colin Elford
A rather special book from a forest ranger.

On Extinction
by Melanie Challenger
How our estrangement from Nature has led to collapse and extinction of entire ways of life.

The Living Mountain
by Nan Shepherd
1940s masterpiece of nature writing.

Fighting For Birds
by Mark Avery
An experienced pragmatist describes the minefield that is nature conservation.

A Sting in the Tale
by Dave Goulson
Fascinating book about bumblebees.

A Buzz in the Meadow
by Dave Goulson
A fantastic sequel to a fantastic prequel.

The Book of Barely Imagined Beings
by Caspar Henderson
A 21st Century Bestiary.

Darwin's On the Origin of Species: a Modern Rendition
by Daniel Duzdevich
Darwin copy-edited for the 21st century.

The Ice Age
by Jamie Woodward
A very short introduction.

The History of Life
by Michael J Benton
A very short introduction.

The Enlightenment
by John Robertson
A very short introduction.

The Ten Most Beautiful Experiments
by George Johnson
Ten classic science experiments and the stories behind them.

The Origin of Darwinism: Charles Darwin and The Origin of Species
by James Randerson (ed.)
Guardian ebook anthology.

Built on Bones
by Brenna Hassett
15,000 years of urban life and death.

A Rough Ride to the Future
by James Lovelock
Thought-provoking and infuriating.

Darwin and Lady Hope: the Untold Story
by L.R. Croft
Perpetuating the myth about Darwin's deathbed conversion.