Collections of Essays

Collections of essays about evolution, nature, etc.

Bully for Brontosaurus
by Stephen Jay Gould
My favourite book!

The Hedgehog, the Fox, and the Magister's Pox
by Stephen Jay Gould
Gould's last science book. It goes on a bit, but the chapter criticising Edward O Wilson's misappropriation of the term Consilience is Gould at his best.

The Devil's Chaplain
by Richard Dawkins
Dawkins demonstrating that he can write wonderfully sensitively, as well as rant.

The Single Helix
by Steve Jones
Short science essays from the famous geneticist and snail man.

by Steve Jones
Expositions on assorted scientific subject, using coral as the unifying theme.

Last Chance to See…
by Douglas Adams & Mark Carwardine
The late Douglas Adams travels the world visiting endangered species.

Monster of God
by David Quammen
David Quammen travels the world, visiting the habitats of four man-eaters.

The Song of the Dodo
by David Quammen
David Quammen travels the world, visiting endangered species.

Fencing Paradise
by Richard Mabey
A series of essays about man's relationship with plants.

The Flight of the Iguana
by David Quammen
Science, journalistic and autobiographical essays.

The Happy Atheist
by PZ Myers
Relentlessly unsubtle wholesome fun.

The Origin of Darwinism: Charles Darwin and The Origin of Species
by James Randerson (ed.)
Guardian ebook anthology.

Darwin's Pigeons
by Richard Bailey
A sumptuous photobook of pigeon varieties.