Books on Evolution

Books on evolutionary theory, etc.

The Ancestor's Tale
by Richard Dawkins
Dawkins's lavishly illustrated magnum opus.

The Greatest Show on Earth
by Richard Dawkins
Dawkins returns to what he's best at.

The Rough Guide to Evolution
by Mark Pallen
A handy guide to all things evolutionary.

by Carl Zimmer
An excellent introduction to evolution.

Parasite Rex
by Carl Zimmer
The weird and wonderful ways in which parasites make a living.

The Making of the Fittest
by Sean B Carroll
DNA and the ultimate forensic record of evolution.

The Eye
by Simon Ings
How animals see and how they perceive.

Your Inner Fish
by Neil Shubin
How our evolutionary history is written into our bodies.

Darwin's Island
by Steve Jones
A modern-day updating of Darwin's less well-known books.

Darwin: Discovering the Tree of Live
by Niles Eldredge
A fascinating analysis of the development of Darwin's thinking.

Darwin's On the Origin of Species: a Modern Rendition
by Daniel Duzdevich
Darwin copy-edited for the 21st century.

The History of Life
by Michael J Benton
A very short introduction.

The Structure of Evolutionary Theory
by Stephen Jay Gould
The late, lamented maestro's magnum opus.

Improbable Destinies
by Jonathan Losos
How predictable is evolution?