Books about other Scientific Figures

Books about scientific figures who were not Darwin's contemporaries.

The Lunar Men
by Jenny Uglow
A collective biography of a remarkable group of friends.

The Age of Wonder
by Richard Holmes
Science between the Banks and Darwin voyages.

The Great Naturalists
by Robert Huxley (ed.)
A whistle-stop tour of the history of natural history.

The Dinosaur Hunters
by Deborah Cadbury
The Victorian search for dinosaurs.

Of Moths & Men
by Judith Hooper
The story of how some of Bernard Kettlewell's famous peppered moth experiments contained certain flaws.

Gilbert White
by Richard Mabey
A biography of the author of The Natural History of Selborne.

The Evolutionists
by J David Hoeveler
How Darwinian thinking influenced other disciplines in the USA.

Dry Store Room No.1
by Richard Fortey
The personalities and politics behinds the scenes at the Natural History Museum.