Books on Evolution

Reviews of books about evolution.

Book review: ‘The Panda’s Thumb’ by Stephen Jay Gould

More Reflections in Natural History.

Book review: ‘Ever Since Darwin’ by Stephen Jay Gould

Reflections in Natural History.

Book review: ‘Improbable Destinies’ by Jonathan Losos

How predictable is evolution?

Book review: ‘The History of Life’ by Michael J Benton

A very short introduction.

Book review: ‘The Making of the Fittest’ by Sean B Carroll

DNA and the ultimate forensic record of evolution.

Book review: ‘Darwin's On the Origin of Species: a Modern Rendition’ by Daniel Duzdevich

Darwin copy-edited for the 21st century.

Book review: ‘The Origin of Darwinism’ by James Randerson (ed.)

Charles Darwin and The Origin of Species

Book review: ‘Evolution: The Triumph of an Idea: from Darwin to DNA’ by Carl Zimmer

An excellent introduction to evolution.

Book review: ‘Parasite Rex: Inside the bizarre world of nature's most dangerous creatures’ by Carl Zimmer

The weird and wonderful ways in which parasites make a living.

Book review: ‘Your Inner Fish: A Journey into the 3.5 Billion-Year History of the Human Body’ by Neil Shubin

How our evolutionary history is written into our bodies.