Nature Books

Reviews of books about the natural world.

Book review: ‘Improbable Destinies’ by Jonathan Losos

How predictable is evolution?

Book review: ‘Darwin's Pigeons’ by Richard Bailey

A sumptuous photobook of pigeon varieties.

Book review: ‘The Formation of Vegetable Mould through the Action of Worms’ by Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin's wonderful final book.

Book review: ‘A Buzz in the Meadow’ by Dave Goulson

A fantastic sequel to a fantastic prequel.

Book review: ‘A Sting in the Tale’ by Dave Goulson

Fascinating book about bumblebees.

Book review: ‘The Book of Barely Imagined Beings’ by Caspar Henderson

A 21st Century Bestiary.

Book review: ‘Fighting for Birds: 25 Years in Nature Conservation’ by Mark Avery

An experienced pragmatist describes the minefield that is nature conservation.

Book review: ‘Wild Hares and Hummingbirds’ by Stephen Moss

The Natural History of an English village.

Book review: ‘Leviathan or, the Whale’ by Philip Hoare

A wonderful history of man's relationship with the whale.

Book review: ‘How to be a Bad Birdwatcher’ by Simon Barnes

Birdwatching, not Birding.