Science/History Books

Reviews of books about science, and the history of science.

Book review: ‘The Formation of Vegetable Mould through the Action of Worms’ by Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin's wonderful final book.

Book review: ‘A Buzz in the Meadow’ by Dave Goulson

A fantastic sequel to a fantastic prequel.

Book review: ‘The Making of the Fittest’ by Sean B Carroll

DNA and the ultimate forensic record of evolution.

Book review: ‘Darwin's On the Origin of Species: a Modern Rendition’ by Daniel Duzdevich

Darwin copy-edited for the 21st century.

Book review: ‘A Rough Ride to the Future’ by James Lovelock

Thought-provoking and infuriating.

Book review: ‘A Sting in the Tale’ by Dave Goulson

Fascinating book about bumblebees.

Book review: ‘Darwin & His Children’ by Tim M. Berra

His other legacy.

Book review: ‘Darwin's Apprentice’ by Janet Owen

An archaeological biography of John Lubbock

Book review: ‘The Origin of Darwinism’ by James Randerson (ed.)

Charles Darwin and The Origin of Species

Book review: ‘Darwin and Lady Hope: the Untold Story’ by L.R. Croft

Shamelessly perpetuating a Darwinian myth.