Book review: ‘Women on Nature’ by Katherine Norbury (ed.)

‘Women on Nature’ by Katherine Norbury (ed.)

Women on Nature is an enjoyable anthology of nature-related writing by women writers, past and present, based in Britain and Ireland. It provides an eclectic mix of factual writing, fiction and poetry.

I approach books like these very much as tasters: as a way to try out writers I haven't encountered before whom I might want to look into in future. In this respect, I picked up a few excellent pointers—although I was embarrassed to discover one of the ‘new’ authors I identified in this anthology was a woman whose non-eponymous Twitter feed and blog I already followed and enjoyed. Note to self: there are real names behind obscure handles.

If you’re into nature-related writing, you’ll almost certainly enjoy this anthology.

Note: I will receive a small referral fee if you buy this book via one of the above links.

Disclosure: Women and Nature was a crowdfunded project from Unbound. I was one of the 842 sponsors.

Richard Carter, FCD

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