Book review: ‘Crow Country’ by Mark Cocker

A naturalist's pursuit of rooks and jackdaws.

Crow CountryWhen nature writer Mark Cocker moves to his new home in Norfolk, he witnesses a spectacular display of a large group of crows going to roost. It is a life-changing event: suddenly he has the crow bug.

This book describes six years' worth of rooking throughout the UK, with brief excusions to mainland Europe. Read it, and you will never think of crows as boring again: you will see them in a totally new light. This is nature writing at its best.

True, some of Cocker's theorising about his beloved rooks occasionally borders on the fanciful, but don't let that put you off. This is a lovely book that belongs on the shelf next to the books of Cocker's friend and one-time co-author, Richard Mabey. It reminded me a lot of Mabey's Nature Cure.

I can't give much higher praise than that.

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Richard Carter, FCD

Writer and photographer Richard Carter, FCD is the founder of the Friends of Charles Darwin. He lives in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.WebsiteFacebookTwitterNewsletterBooks

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