Book review: ‘Fencing Paradise: The Uses and Abuses of Plants’ by Richard Mabey

A series of essays about man's relationship with plants.

Fencing ParadiseI'm a big fan of Richard Mabey's writing, having previously enjoyed his Nature Cure and Gilbert White.

Fencing Paradise is effectively a series of essays about man's relationship with plants, and where we are getting it wrong. The essays are linked via the recurring theme of visits Mabey made to Cornwall's Eden Project, and contain some fascinating insights about subjects ranging from sugar production to Victorian orchid mania, olive oil, and lavender.

As I found with Mabey's other books, I was left with the feeling that I had learnt a little bit more about the world in which we live, but I'm not quite sure what. They're books that give you plenty of food for thought.

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Richard Carter, FCD

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