Book review: ‘The Perfumier and the Stinkhorn: Reflections on Natural Science and Romanticism’ by Richard Mabey

Short but enjoyable book, based on a series of radio programmes.

The Perfumier and the StinkhornThis is a very short book. You can certainly read it in a single sitting. It is based on a series of 15-minute radio programmes in which Mabey explored how our various senses help us to understand and appreciate nature. He also compares and contrasts our artistic/romantic use of these senses with the scientific—coming down squarely in favour of both.

I would read Richard Mabey's shopping lists, were he to publish them. He's one of my favourite writers. I must admit that I was disappointed with the brevity of this book, but Mabey's writing is as observant and enjoyable as ever, so I have no hesitation in recommending it.

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Richard Carter, FCD

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