Book and video reviews.

Book review: ‘The Enlightenment’ by John Robertson

A very short introduction.

Book review: ‘The History of Life’ by Michael J Benton

A very short introduction.

Book review: ‘The Ice Age’ by Jamie Woodward

A very short introduction.

Book review: ‘Darwin's Pigeons’ by Richard Bailey

A sumptuous photobook of pigeon varieties.

Book review: ‘The Invention of Nature’ by Andrea Wulf

The adventures of Alexander von Humboldt, the lost hero of science.

Book review: ‘The Invention of Science’ by David Wootton

A new history of the Scientific Revolution.

Book review: ‘The Formation of Vegetable Mould through the Action of Worms’ by Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin's wonderful final book.

Book review: ‘A Buzz in the Meadow’ by Dave Goulson

A fantastic sequel to a fantastic prequel.

Book review: ‘The Making of the Fittest’ by Sean B Carroll

DNA and the ultimate forensic record of evolution.

Book review: ‘Darwin's On the Origin of Species: a Modern Rendition’ by Daniel Duzdevich

Darwin copy-edited for the 21st century.