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13-Jan-1833: The day HMS Beagle nearly sank

Charles Darwin's closest brush with death during the Beagle voyage came on Sunday 13th January 1833, near that most infamous of nautical perils, Cape Horn.

02-Mar-2014: The Friends of Charles Darwin are 20 years old today!

The Friends of Charles Darwin were officially founded 20 years ago today, on 2nd March, 1994.

07-Nov-1913: Alfred Russel Wallace dies

On 7th November 1913, the co-discoverer (with Charles Darwin) of Natural Selection, Alfred Russel Wallace, died, age 90, at his home in Dorset.

19-Apr-1882: The death of a hero

After decades of mysterious ailments, and a short, final illness, Charles Darwin died at 4 o’clock in the afternoon of Wednesday 19th April 1882, at Down House, Downe, in Kent. He should be accounted a hero in anyone’s book.

Happy Birthday to us!

The Friends of Charles Darwin came into being 18 years ago today, with the sending of this letter

185 years ago today...

On 22nd May, 1826, His Majesty's Ship 'Beagle' set sail from Plymouth on a surveying voyage to South America.

Darwin's favourite tune

Reminiscing about his father, Charles Darwin's son Francis wrote: In the evening, that is, after he had read as much as his strength would allow, and before the reading aloud began, he would often lie on the sofa and listen to my mother playing the piano. He had not a good ear, yet in spite…

400 years of telescopic astronomy

400 years ago today, on 26th July, 1609, the early English scientist Thomas Harriot pointed his new-fangled telescope at the moon and made a drawing.

15th June, 1829: Darwin's delight

On this day in 1829, Charles Darwin was cited in Stephens' 'Illustrations of British Insects'.

16-Apr-1834: Inspecting the Beagle‘s bottom (‘a rather ticklish operation’)

On 16th April 1834, HMS Beagle was laid ashore on the banks of the Santa Cruz River to allow her keel to be inspected. The event resulted in one of the most iconic images of the famous ship. Read the story of the operation.