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Cosmological conversation with my dad

How far away is the sun?

Two triumphant predictions for science

In which one of Darwin's correspondents compares Darwin's famous moth prediction with the prediction of the orbit of the planet Neptune.

400 years of telescopic astronomy

400 years ago today, on 26th July, 1609, the early English scientist Thomas Harriot pointed his new-fangled telescope at the moon and made a drawing.

Life on Mars!

'Popular Scientific Recreations, Profusely Illustrated' on the subject of Mars.

In a word…

Amazing space photo.

Chalk another one up for science

Science explains the Perseid meteor shower.

The right kinds of relics

What is it with keeping the remains of dead people as relics?

Lunar Eclipse

Against all the odds, the March Pennine skies were crystal clear during last night's total lunar eclipse.