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Darwin eats an excellent cat

As a former card-carrying member of the Glutton Club, Charles Darwin was pretty unsqueamish when it came to sampling strange flesh, but he did not at all relish the idea of eating calf foetus while travelling is South America. Fortunately, it turned out to be something decidedly more appetising: We did not reach the posta…

How to get a large animal into a small boat

Specifically, a cow.

Darwin performs a blind test… on some condors

...to see how well they can smell.

The Falklands fox: foolish dog of the south

Concerning Darwin's dealings with this tragic creature.

The Chilean Earthquake

As witnessed by Charles Darwin in 1835.

Darwin's octopus

Photo of an octopus collected by Charles Darwin in the Cape Verde Islands.

Inspecting the Beagle's bottom

175 years ago today, HMS Beagle was beached to allow her keel to be inspected. The event resulted in one of the most iconic images of the famous ship.

Darwin in Liverpool

Darwin's rare bird is centrepiece of Liverpool museum's 200th birthday display.


Charles Darwin's legendary powers of observation occasionally let him down.

Syms' place

The post office built by Syms Covington in the gold-rush town of Pambula, New South Wales is still standing.