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The brachiopods do not lie!

Image of Charles Darwin spotted in some brachiopods shock!

Darwin and Dawkins stand shoulder-to-shoulder

181 years ago, Charles Robert Darwin and Richard Dawkins stood shoulder-to-shoulder and confirmed in writing that they were paid-up members of the Church of England.

Finch by Finch

Video of artist Tolly Nason's cast glass sculpture installation 'Seeing the Light: Finch by Finch', based on the beaks of Darwin's Galápagos finch specimens.

Baby's first podcast

This afternoon, the Beagle Project's Director of Science, Dr Karen James, and I recorded a podcast, which I have named 'Messages from Above', for reasons which will become apparent if you listen to it.

Darwin's beetles

The University of Cambridge Zoological Museum has a rather wonderful box of beetle specimens collected by Charles Darwin when he was at the university. Here are some photos.

Darwin's room

Photos from Darwin's student room at Christ's College, Cambridge.

Back from Cambridge

Just back from a pretty awesome couple of days in Cambridge with Michael Barton, FCD. More posts to follow over the next few days.