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Ancient Roman salad crispers?

In which I suggest an answer to a well-known Pompeii conundrum described by the classicist Mary Beard.

A new member writes

I am thrilled to know this website. I am a huge admirer of Charles Darwin, and you guys show me that i almost know nothing about him. Finding a fact that there are fellow Darwin fans all over the world, i am more than psyched. Thank you so much! Thank you so much too! It's…

Darwin's uncontrollable farting

Letter to the London Review of Books, in response to a recent piece claiming that Darwin suffered from uncontrollable farting.

Nice one, Yorkshire!

On this date in 1868, Charles Darwin accepted membership of the Yorkshire Philosophical Society.

Darwin gets grumpy

Darwin's correspondence: the best way we have of getting inside the great man's head.

Darwin disappointed by U.S. president's address

...the president in question being Darwin's twin, Abraham Lincoln.

As Darwin so famously said...

In which I write a letter to an Observer journalist, asking for the original source of a Darwin quote.


Darwin quizzes his cousin on nests.

11-Jan-1844: Darwin confesses murder!

Darwin confesses his evolutionary heresy to Hooker.

Darwin puts his foot down

Not impressed with Emma's choice of wallpaper.