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PZ Myers in God's Own County

The Friends of Charles Darwin's home town was Pharyngulated last night, when PZ Myers paid a visit to Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire.

Reckon you're clever, huh? So answer me this one…

An alternative take on the hoary old question, ‘If humans evolved from monkeys, how come there are still monkeys around?’.

Treating stupid questions with more respect

Dismissing naïve questions as stupid is not going to win anyone over to the enlightened cause.

Positive spin

78% of Britons reject creationism!

Ooo! That turned out better than expected!

God didn't realise light was going to be good shock!

Intelligent cataloguing

In which I move Behe into the religion section.

Two words on Intelligent Design

Sometimes my self-imposed ban on dignifying Intelligent Design with any sort of response can be so hard!

When the infallible embraces the unfalsifiable

Pope prepares to embrace theory of intelligent design.