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20-Feb-1835: Darwin witnesses an earthquake

On 20th February, 1835, Charles Darwin was lying down in a wood having a rest in Valvidia, Southern Chile, when he experienced a major earthquake.

Charles Darwin to Charles Lyell, 10th January, 1860

Humorously describing mankind's ancestor.

I have seriously cool friends (part 3)

My wonderful, long-suffering partner, Jen, filled a gaping hole in my Darwin-groupie library this Christmas.

Two triumphant predictions for science

In which one of Darwin's correspondents compares Darwin's famous moth prediction with the prediction of the orbit of the planet Neptune.

How to read Darwin - by Darwin

On 6th March, 1860, Charles Darwin advised a scientist whom he correctly believed to be sceptical of his views how to go about reading 'On the Origin of Species'.

Whewell sets the right tone

William Whewell disagrees with Darwin, but doesn't dismiss him out of hand.

Getting to know Charles Darwin in person

Forget the biographies. Forget the published works. If you really want to get to know Charles Darwin in person, you need to read his correspondence.

Darwin is sent a specimen

150 years ago today, on 2nd November, 1859, the publisher John Murray wrote to Charles Darwin in Ilkley: By this day's post I send you a specimen copy of your book bound— I hope it may receive your approval. Please reply by return & not a moment shall be lost in getting ready the early…

Darwin's beetles

The University of Cambridge Zoological Museum has a rather wonderful box of beetle specimens collected by Charles Darwin when he was at the university. Here are some photos.

Darwin's octopus

Photo of an octopus collected by Charles Darwin in the Cape Verde Islands.