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Darwin and Wallace: the lost photograph

I'd heard the legend, of course. Every Darwin groupie has. The missing photograph of the two co-discoverers of evolution by means of Natural Selection, Darwin and Wallace, standing side-by-side. Together. In the same frame.

19th April, 1882: The death of a hero

After decades of mysterious ailments, and a short, final illness, Charles Darwin died at 4 o'clock in the afternoon of Wednesday 19th April, 1882, at Down House, Downe, in Kent. He should be accounted a hero in anyone's book.

A Secular Thought for the Day

I've just posted my entry for the National Secular Society's 'Secular Thought for the Day' competition on my personal website.

The Darwin Bicentennial Oak, four years on

Four years ago today, I planted the Darwin Bicentennial Oak in my garden. I am pleased to report that it is doing well, and has now grown into a magnificent, erm, small sapling.

12th February, 1834: Darwin's 25th birthday, Patagonia

How Charles Darwin spent his 25th birthday.

Charles Darwin to Charles Lyell, 10th January, 1860

Humorously describing mankind's ancestor.

New book review: Darwin and Lady Hope: the Untold Story

I have just posted a review of Dr L.R. Croft's book ‘Darwin and Lady Hope: the Untold Story’. I was not convinced by his thesis that Charles Darwin did indeed return to Christianity on his deathbed.

The HMS Beagle Olympics

On Christmas Day 1831, the crew of HMS Beagle held their own ’Olympic Games’ at Port Desire in Patagonia.