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13-Jan-1833: The day HMS Beagle nearly sank

Charles Darwin's closest brush with death during the Beagle voyage came on Sunday 13th January 1833, near that most infamous of nautical perils, Cape Horn.

FitzRoy's Bicentenary

Robert FitzRoy’s name is forever associated with—and has been eclipsed by—Darwin’s. The poor man has received something of a bad press over the years. He is remembered as a bad-tempered, religious fundamentalist who refused to see the self-evident truth of evolution, despite having travelled the world for five years in the company of Charles Darwin. But he deserves to be remembered as more than the tragically misguided figure who fell out with Darwin: he was a fascinating and complex man, whose sense of duty and strong moral values drove him to great feats—and more than once landed him in trouble.

The Dickens Connection

Dickens, FitzRoy and how a tragic loss at sea spurred efforts to forecast storms.

Book review: ‘Fossils, Finches and Fuegians: Charles Darwin's Adventures and Discoveries on the Beagle, 1832-1836’ by Richard Keynes

A detailed account of Darwin's Beagle voyage.

185 years ago today...

On 22nd May, 1826, His Majesty's Ship 'Beagle' set sail from Plymouth on a surveying voyage to South America.

Serendipitous juxtaposition

Two items just came up one after the other on my RSS reader. Their juxtaposition pleased me.

FitzRoy's sword

Robert FitzRoy's ceremonial sword to be auctioned.

16-Apr-1834: Inspecting the Beagle‘s bottom (‘a rather ticklish operation’)

On 16th April 1834, HMS Beagle was laid ashore on the banks of the Santa Cruz River to allow her keel to be inspected. The event resulted in one of the most iconic images of the famous ship. Read the story of the operation.


On this date in 1833, Capt. Robert FitzRoy bought a schooner to accompany HMS Beagle.

FitzRoy Podcast!

Podcast - Robert FitzRoy FRS: sailing into the storm.