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Ethereal nature

In which I rather naively try to photograph bats in my back garden.

Ida: on second viewing

This morning, I decided to watch the Ida documentary again, trying to imagine my reaction had I known nothing about the hype.

No, no, no! I said, "Let's SEX up this Darwinius press release!"

Darwinius fossil plays the sax shock!

March hares

I was delighted to see a couple of brown hares boxing in the field in front of my house this morning.

Vole piss detection

How kestrels track voles!

Kiss me, cat!

'Bizarre' new mammal discovered

23-Sep-1832: Darwin discovers a ‘rhinoceros’

…for which, read ‘giant ground sloth’ or ‘Megatherium’.

Genetic clock v palaeontology

I have my doubts about the former.

When scientists (apparently) disagree

Was the rise of the mammals dependent on the extinction of the dinosaurs?

The Easter Bunny

Brown Hare spotted from my garden this morning.