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The great Darwin fossil hunt

In which a friend beyond measure arranges a behind-the-scenes visit to the Natural History Museum to see fossils collected by Charles Darwin during the Beagle voyage.

19-Apr-1882: The death of a hero

After decades of mysterious ailments, and a short, final illness, Charles Darwin died at 4 o’clock in the afternoon of Wednesday 19th April 1882, at Down House, Downe, in Kent. He should be accounted a hero in anyone’s book.

Serendipity do dah!

Pleasing coincidence in Darwin photo file number.

God endorses Darwin!

Statue of Charles Darwin bathed in heavenly light.

Erm... I think not

Minor howler on Darwinian fridge magnet shock!

Photos from the London trip

Photos from a fantastic day out in London yesterday

Live-blogging in London

All day today, I'll be live-blogging my trip to London.

The great Darwinian live-blogging experiment

Starts tomorrow.

The Wallace Collection

The Alfred Russel Wallace Collection goes online.