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People want to see the Beagle

The Beagle Project's Karen James on this week's Guardian Science Podcast.

Meanwhile, in the Podosphere...

The Beagle Project's Dr Karen James on Dr. Kiki's Science Hour.

Melvyn's motherlode

The BBC puts the entire 'In Our Time' audio archive online.

Baby's first podcast

This afternoon, the Beagle Project's Director of Science, Dr Karen James, and I recorded a podcast, which I have named 'Messages from Above', for reasons which will become apparent if you listen to it.

The Beagle Project's first podcast

…recorded in deepest Wales, is online now. And top-notch stuff it is too.

Great Lives: Robert Hooke

Robert Hooke nominated by Sir David Attenborough for radio biography programme.

Beagle Project interviewed

By the Minnesota Atheists Talk radio show.

Wallace podcast

BBC Radio 4: GreatLives - Alfred Russel Wallace.

One for the car tomorrow

In Our Time podcast.

FitzRoy Podcast!

Podcast - Robert FitzRoy FRS: sailing into the storm.