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New book review: Darwin and Lady Hope: the Untold Story

I have just posted a review of Dr L.R. Croft's book ‘Darwin and Lady Hope: the Untold Story’. I was not convinced by his thesis that Charles Darwin did indeed return to Christianity on his deathbed.

Book review: ‘Darwin and Lady Hope: the Untold Story’ by L.R. Croft

Shamelessly perpetuating a Darwinian myth.

Didn’t Darwin recant his theory of evolution on his deathbed, and embrace Christianity?

A lie that refuses to die…

Friends of Charles Darwin banned in Turkey?

This site would appear to be currently unavailable in Turkey - to children, at least.

Darwin has a go at the Catholic church

Fuelled, perhaps, by his hatred of slavery.

Misleading chart

Link to a post I wrote about a chart presented on the BBC website, which gives a misleadingly high impression of the church membership in the UK and Ireland.

The brachiopods do not lie!

Image of Charles Darwin spotted in some brachiopods shock!

God endorses Darwin!

Statue of Charles Darwin bathed in heavenly light.

Harry the ex-faith Baptist

Photograph of a disillusioned former Baptist, taken in Australia, 2000.

Dawkins rips Humphrys apart

I caught Richard Dawkins ripping the BBC's toughest and rudest interviewer apart on Radio 4 this morning.