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Treating stupid questions with more respect

Dismissing naïve questions as stupid is not going to win anyone over to the enlightened cause.

Book review: ‘The Origin of Darwinism’ by James Randerson (ed.)

Charles Darwin and The Origin of Species

Book review: ‘The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution’ by Richard Dawkins

Dawkins returns to what he's best at.

Book review: ‘The Devil's Chaplain: Selected Essays’ by Richard Dawkins

Dawkins demonstrating that he can write wonderfully sensitively, as well as rant.

Book review: ‘The Ancestor's Tale: A Pilgrimage to the Dawn of Life’ by Richard Dawkins

Dawkins's lavishly illustrated magnum opus-cum-coffee table book.

Aerobatic ballet

On the complex flight patterns of starlings.

Darwin and Dawkins stand shoulder-to-shoulder

181 years ago, Charles Robert Darwin and Richard Dawkins stood shoulder-to-shoulder and confirmed in writing that they were paid-up members of the Church of England.

(Daw)kins Selection

Dawkins is doing Darwin on Channel 4 this evening.

Dawkins rips Humphrys apart

I caught Richard Dawkins ripping the BBC's toughest and rudest interviewer apart on Radio 4 this morning.

Dawkins on alternative therapy

Shambhala lies: Dawkins tries mumbo-jumbo.