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Book review: ‘The Ascent of John Tyndall’ by Roland Jackson

A long-overdue biography of the Victorian scientist, mountaineer, and public intellectual.

19-Apr-1882: The death of a hero

After decades of mysterious ailments, and a short, final illness, Charles Darwin died at 4 o’clock in the afternoon of Wednesday 19th April 1882, at Down House, Downe, in Kent. He should be accounted a hero in anyone’s book.

Are you calling Neanderthal Man an idiot?

Thomas Henry Huxley on Neanderthal Man.

Young Huxley

A Daguerreotype of Thomas Henry Huxley taken in 1846.

HMS Rattlesnake Figurehead

Photo of the figurehead from Huxley's ship.

Archetypes and sterotypes

Brian Switek, FCD, on the Richard Owen (villain) v Thomas Henry Huxley (hero) stereotype.