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20-Feb-1835: Darwin witnesses an earthquake

On 20th February, 1835, Charles Darwin was lying down in a wood having a rest in Valvidia, Southern Chile, when he experienced a major earthquake.

If everyone else is quote-mining Darwin, why shouldn't I?

Darwin on the delights of English country walks.

25-Nov-1835: HMS Beagle entertains a royal visitor

...in the large, awkward shape of Queen Pomarre of Tahiti.

Darwin has a go at the Catholic church

Fuelled, perhaps, by his hatred of slavery.

Darwin eats an excellent cat

As a former card-carrying member of the Glutton Club, Charles Darwin was pretty unsqueamish when it came to sampling strange flesh, but he did not at all relish the idea of eating calf foetus while travelling is South America. Fortunately, it turned out to be something decidedly more appetising: We did not reach the posta…

How to get a large animal into a small boat

Specifically, a cow.

Darwin performs a blind test… on some condors

...to see how well they can smell.

The Falklands fox: foolish dog of the south

Concerning Darwin's dealings with this tragic creature.

Darwin collects a specimen

An inquisitive fox, since named after its collector.

Reading Darwin's first masterpiece

It's like confessing a murder. I have been a self-confessed 'Darwin groupie' for almost a quarter of a century, yet, until this year, I had never read what is supposed to be his most accessible book, 'The Voyage of the Beagle'.