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07-Nov-1913: Alfred Russel Wallace dies

On 7th November 1913, the co-discoverer (with Charles Darwin) of Natural Selection, Alfred Russel Wallace, died, age 90, at his home in Dorset.

1st July

On this day in 1858, Darwin and Wallace's joint paper on evolution by means of Natural Selection was read to the Linnean Society.

Darwin and Wallace: the lost photograph

I'd heard the legend, of course. Every Darwin groupie has. The missing photograph of the two co-discoverers of evolution by means of Natural Selection, Darwin and Wallace, standing side-by-side. Together. In the same frame.

Book review: ‘Alfred Russel Wallace: a Life’ by Peter Raby

A very readable biography about the co-discoverer of Natural Selection—the man who nearly scooped Darwin.

Alfred Russel Wallace's address books

Alfred Russel Wallace's address books are now available for downloading.

1st July, 1858: Darwin goes public

On 1st July, 1858, Charles Darwin first went public with his theory of evolution by means of Natural Selection.

Wallace memorials

Some feedback to an earlier post.

Wallace podcast

BBC Radio 4: GreatLives - Alfred Russel Wallace.

18-Jun-1858: Wallace's bombshell

Darwin receives the shock of his life!

The Wallace Collection

The Alfred Russel Wallace Collection goes online.