The 1858 Darwin-Wallace paper.

01-Jul-1858: Darwin goes public

Charles Darwin finally went public with his theory of evolution by means of Natural Selection on 1st July 1858.

A selection of pigeon breeds from Darwin’s “Variation in Animals and Plants under Domestication” (1868)

03-May-1859: The first review of ‘On the Origin of Species’…

On 3rd May 1859, the first reviewer of ‘On the Origin of Species’, Whitwell Elwin, politely suggested Darwin might do better writing a book about pigeons.

HMS Beagle in the Straits of Magellan

27-Dec-1831: HMS Beagle sets sail

On 27 December 1831, HMS Beagle set sail on her second voyage with a young Charles Darwin on board.

100 Kelvin

Article to mark the 100th anniversary of the death of Lord Kelvin.

08-Sep-1832: Darwin encounters bolas

On 8th September 1832, Charles Darwin observed gauchos using bolas. He later tried them out for himself, and managed to ensnare his own horse in the process.