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FOCD 30th anniversary

The Friends of Charles Darwin were founded 30 years ago today, on 2nd March 1994. Happy birthday to us!

It all started in the Red Lion public house, at Parkgate on the Wirral, when my pal and regular drinking partner Nigel ‘Fitz’ Longhurst and I, decided it was outrageous Charles Darwin had never appeared on a British bank note. So, on this day in 1994, we dashed off a letter to the Chief Cashier of the Bank of England, asking why on earth not, signing ourselves Friends of Charles Darwin. We later allowed others to start adding their names as Friends of Charles Darwin on this dedicated website.

I've always said I don't think our campaign had much to do with Darwin eventually appearing on the (sadly, now defunct) Bank of England Darwin £10 note, but we still treated it as a cause for major celebration.

Nigel ‘Fitz’ Longhurst, FCD (L) and a youthful Richard Carter, FCD (R), celebrating in the only way they knew how.

Fitz died ten years ago, in June 2014. I was honoured to be asked to officiate at his funeral, and made sure a crisp Darwin tenner accompanied him in his grave.

Since then, I’ve kept the Friends of Charles Darwin brand going with no particular campaign in mind, not least because, in the alarming post-truth era we seem to have entered, I think Charles Darwin could still do with all the friends he can get.

I’m currently writing a book inspired by Darwin, and am investing most of my Friends of Charles Darwin efforts in my newsletters. So, if you haven’t done so already, please subscribe.

Thirty years! When did I start counting in decades? Here’s to the next few years at least!

Darwin £10 notes
Crisp Darwin tenners
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  1. Happy anniverary. I've only been a member for a few years but, my association with Darwin and his writings go back to my teens. I'm 70 now so decades seem meaningless. On a visit to England to visit relatives and meet with some Canadian musical friends at Parkgate on the Wirral I picked up several of the Darwin 10 pound notes. (My key board doesnt offer the pound emblem. I'm in Canada.) One of them is now a book mark in one of my copies of origin. Thanks for starting and keeping at this. I've found it entertaining and informative. I'm looking forward to your Darwin book. Keep up the great work.

  2. Well done sir! Pete Swanepoel FCD (and CD groupie). Please do an ebook too as I'm a grey nomad, no fixed place of abode. Good luck! Writing a book ain't easy.

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