A Far More Satisfactory Theory
Darwin's theory of evolution is often compared to Newton's theory of gravitation, but in one way at least, evolution is the more satisfactory theory.

Sir Richard Owen, the archetypal villain
The brilliant Victorian anatomist and palaeontologist who refused to accept Darwin's theory of evolution by means of Natural Selection.

John Stevens Henslow
The good-natured academic and clergyman who taught Darwin, and arranged a place for his favourite pupil aboard HMS Beagle.

Only a Theory?
Critics claim that Evolution is "only a theory". But in science, a theory is as good as it gets.

FitzRoy's Bicentenary
Written on the 200th anniversary of FitzRoy's birth.

W.B. Tegetmeier
Written on the 196th anniversary of the naturalist's birth.

Let's Not Call Them Hobbits
Whatever she might have been, Homo floresiensis was not a hobbit.

Are You Calling My Fox Terrier Stupid?
Homo floresiensis had a grapefruit-sized brain. So what?

My challenge to the nutter who thinks he has found Noah's Ark.

…So Let's All Be Scientists!
My contribution to a book of essays in celebration of Darwin.

Stephen Jay Gould (1941–2002)
On the death of a great science writer.

The Hundredth Monkey
The Friends of Charles Darwin has their 100th member.

In Search of the Durham Cow
Help me trace the book in which a picture of a cow appears.

Polite Note to all Creationists, Religious Fundamentalists, and their Ilk
Why I will no longer reply to emails from religious fundamentalists.

Marx of Respect
How Karl Marx didn't offer to dedicate 'Das Kapital' to Charles Darwin.

The Sweetest Honour of All?
Darwin honoured on a sugar sachet!

Two Scottish Ballads
Two Scottish Ballads about Darwin.

Can Red Lions Evolve?
How the Red Lion pub evolved.

Sir John Houblon
Who was Sir John Houblon, the geezer depicted on the £50 note?

Bank of England Press Release, 17 May, 2000
In which they announced that Charles Darwin was to appear on the new £10 note.