Charles Darwin, 1840.
Charles Darwin (1840)
The Friends of Charles Darwin were founded in 1994 to campaign for the depiction of their hero, Charles Darwin, on a Bank of England bank note. The great man finally appeared on the new £10 note in November 2000.

Due to popular demand, we're still taking on new members. We currently have 4,133 members in 100 countries. Our most recent new member is Mandi S. Barnard of Greenville, South Carolina, USA.

So if you can truly say “Charlie is my Darwin”, and you'd like to be able to write the letters FCD after your name, why not join us? It's totally free!

23rd September…

23-Sep-1832: Darwin discovers a ‘rhinoceros’
…for which, read ‘giant ground sloth’ or ‘Megatherium’.
On this day in 1842, Charles Darwin's daughter Mary Eleanor was born. She died less than a month later.